Make your very own Ryukyu glass piece

Experience Ryukyu glass-making, a process which can take as little as 5 minutes

Blown glass making was introduced to Okinawa by glass craftsmen who arrived from Nagasaki and Osaka during the Meiji Period. Initially blown glass was used in the production of utilitarian products such as medicine bottles and lamp chimneys. After the Second World War, Coca Cola bottles and colored beer bottles used by the American Occupation Forces were recycled to produce glass products that were targeted at these soldiers. Thick glass products containing air bubbles would normally end up as rejects, but instead these became features, and this Americanized, unusual and rustic glassware went on to spawn Okinawa’s unique glass culture. Ryukyu glass has since evolved significantly in terms of both material and technique, and in 1998 was designated as one of the traditional crafts of Okinawa Prefecture. Ryukyu glass is now regarded as a traditional craft representative of Okinawa and an example of applied arts that is very much a part of the everyday lives of its people. Like Okinawa itself, this glass culture continues to develop and evolve.

Ryukyu Glass Village offers an extensive range of experiences for the enjoyment of children and adults alike. It is ideal for families, as each member of the family can participate in a different activity. Create both your own unique piece of glassware a wonderful memory of your time in Okinawa.

Hours: 9:00 to 18:00

Admission: Free (some of the activities are subject to a fee)

Address: 169 Fukuji, Itoman, Okinawa Prefecture

Airport: Naha Airport

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